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 Perceptual psychology

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PostSubject: Perceptual psychology   Wed 16 Nov 2011 - 14:13

Perceptual psychology is a subfield of cognitive psychology that is concerned specifically with the pre-conscious innate aspects of the human cognitive system: perception.

Optical illusion
Perceptual psychology is a branch off of cognitive psychology dealing with mental processes that we use in everyday living. Any time you problems-solve, make a decision, make a memory or reflect on one you are using a example of perceptual psychology . Perceptual psychology is often used in therapy to help a patient better their problem-solving skills. [1]
A pioneer of this field was James J. Gibson. A major study was that of cognitive biases mostly due to affordances, i.e. the perceived utility of objects in, or features of, one's surroundings. According to Gibson, such features or objects were perceived as affordances and not as separate or distinct objects in themselves. This view was central to several other fields as software user interface and usability engineering, environmentalism in psychology, and ultimately to political economy

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Perceptual psychology
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