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 Stack-oriented programmi

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PostSubject: Stack-oriented programmi   Wed 30 Nov 2011 - 3:47

A stack-oriented programming language is one that relies on a stack machine model for passing parameters. Several programming languages fit this description, notably Forth, RPL, PostScript, and also many Assembly languages (but on a much lower level).
Stack-oriented programming languages operate upon one or more stacks, each of which may serve different purposes. Because of this, programming constructs in other programming languages may need to be modified for use in a stack-oriented programming language. Adding to this, some stack-oriented programming languages operate in Reverse Polish or postfix notation - that is, the arguments or parameters for some command are stated before the actual command itself. For example, in RPN, one would say "2, 3, multiply" instead of "multiply, 2, 3" (prefix or Polish notation) or "2 multiply 3" (infix notation).

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Stack-oriented programmi
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