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 Liu Bocheng

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PostSubject: Liu Bocheng   Wed 16 Nov 2011 - 12:53

Liu Bocheng (simplified Chinese: 刘伯承; traditional Chinese: 劉伯承; pinyin: Liú Bóchéng; Wade–Giles: Liu Po-ch'eng; December 4, 1892 - October 7, 1986) was a Chinese Communist military commander and Marshal of the People's Liberation Army.
Liu is known as one of the "Three and A Half" Strategists of China in modern history. (The other two are Lin Biao, commander of the CPC, and Kuomintang commander Bai Chongxi, and the half refers to CPC commander Su Yu.) Officially, Liu was recognised as a revolutionary, military strategist and

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Liu Bocheng
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