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 Out 2 Haunt U

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PostSubject: Out 2 Haunt U   Wed 23 Feb 2011 - 3:13

Out 2 Haunt U

Well, I guess multiple things influenced this, but it was mostly things that I read, not heard. For example, I read of how The Beatles recorded that one song for a rave (I forget the name). They basically went around a room and hit stuff for a whole recording session. I did the same thing, execpt I was one person, so I had to use heavy Sony ACID editing so it would seem like multiple people (there's HEAVY, HEAVY editing on this track). Also, I read that guitarbizarre made an experimental track with only his vocals. TBH, I've never heard it (sorry GB), but just the fact that it was made inspired me to do something like that. Execpt, there was no way I could do something all-vocals, but I could do something equally as experimental. My biggest inspiration was boredom. I wanted to record a bunch of sounds forwards and backwards and see where it went because I had WAY too much time on my hands. I had no clue where I was going.
I would usually listen to the few seconds of the song to get the beat (which I TRIED to write is in 4/4 with the execption of a few parts), then record my new sound. Opening a door, kicking an amp, waving a piece of paper, it's all here, forwards and backwards. I also remember that the guitar solo took around two takes. It was complete improv. I liked the second take alot more than the first, though I can't remember if I pieced together multiple tracks on the solo (I don't think I did). I remember showing this to a couple of my then-"bandmates" who were convinced I was going off the edge.
They interpreted a part where I hit something and grunted (something that made a chain-like sound), as sex. I thought it sounded like choping a tree (although I really didn't know). A teacher at my school thought it was hitting someone. Just one of the many examples of how someone can come to different interpretations of this track. Even I only have an interpretation.
Dispite the wierdness, there IS a story to this track. Someone is warned not to go to a graveyard, but he goes anyway, and he gets haunted (or something like that, it's been... seven months since I recorded this? I don't remember everything.) And... that's about it. Well, enjoy

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Out 2 Haunt U
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